Travelling to Singapore

Asia is now once again an attractive destinations for International travellers. Singapore Dollar has weaken against the Greenback and Euro. This level is not seen for at least – the last 5 years!

According to Monetary Authority of Singapore
As of 8th January 2016, 1USD buys 1.44SGD; 1EUR buys 1.56SGD.

This is the best time to travel to Singapore!
Globetrotters suit up!

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Marina Bay Sands Garden, An Overview

Gardens by the Bay M – Monochrome mode

Monochrome Flowy Waterfall MonoChrome MonoChrome OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA monochrome

Using monochrome mode with Olympus EPL-1 is a breeze. All I have to do is to adjust the lightings (low/high) to give a sharp contrast on the blacks and whites. After looking at this images, it reminds me of Leica M- Monochrome camera. If you ever considered taking artistic shots, do give Olympus Pens or their latest OM-5 a serious thought! Gardens by the Bay M- Monochrome

Gardens by the Bay waterfall

Flowy Waterfall Flowy Waterfall Flowy Waterfall Monochrome Flowy Waterfall

Photos are taken with Shuttle speed priority without tripod. Last piece taken with Monochrome function. Garden by the bay, Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Close up shots

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on FlowersLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on FlowersAL CAMERA Macros shots on FlowersMacros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on FlowersLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on Flowers Macros shots on FlowersAShots are are taken with Macros or Nature Macros functions without photo editing . Garden by the Bays. Entrance to two domes at $18 (local) via online booking.

Gardens by the Bay, Symphony of Life Singapore

Supertree groves has a few giant canopy structures that stands several meters tall. 3 structures on outer rim are linked with connecting bridges which is called OCBC Skywalk and requires a ticket for entry. For more ticketing information please visit here. The opening hours to the garden is from 5am to 2am daily.
Just like every great cities, New York  has it’s Central Park, London has Hyde Park and here in Singapore there’s Gardens by the Bay. The park is divided into Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, Heritage Gardens, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, Bay East Garden and World of Plants. There are so much to explore in these park and I reckon it will take more than 1 visit. Entries to the two conservatories and OCBC skywalk requires entry ticket. Otherwise, entry to the garden is free.

Symphony of life at Supertree Grove performance is taking place on 8th July 12. Symphony of life is  featuring musical and synchronized light show performance with Marina Bay Sands Hotel  serving as a stunning backdrop.

Postcard Bangkok City, Thailand

Pop art and Diorama function from Olympus Pen art filter provides vibrant color to picturesque Bangkok city from high grounds.

The first one taken with diorama on giving a miniature toystory effect. The subsequent 3 is taken with pop art functions turned on. This 4 pictures are showing nice color saturation and making bright roofing stands out. The clear blue skies provides an excellent setting for every photographer as we can meddle less with the white balance and bringing out natural colors from the subjects. Set the focal point to be on all the 11 grids, since there is no one subject which i would emphasize, thus giving me a good depth of field.

Baiyoke Sky Tower Night View, Bangkok

These photos are taken at 45th floor from Baiyoke Sky Tower  Hotel. Even at night, the city are buzzing with activities. From the flea markets along the streets just outside hotel to the Bangkok traffic jams  along streets.

What surprises me is that despite being such a crowded city, there are a few stadiums within very close distance to each other.
The traffic condition in Bangkok is actually not too bad. As far as pedestrians is concerned, there are overhead bridges that interlink across streets and some directly into shopping malls. It is extremely rare to see pedestrians jaywalking as compare to Ho Chi minH  City. There are definitely more cars and Tut tuts then bike in Bangkok city.

I have a certain imagination of how Bangkok will looked like when i first touched down. However, I would never imagine there are so many tall buildings spreading out in a large area as seen from picture above. The neon building signs and street lights lit up like the stars in the sky. On a big picture, you will see a cosmopolitan Bangkok but if you take a closer look at the streets, you will see sign of business activity from the street markets extending to different street within walking distance of hotels.

This is the view which combine yellowish building lights and orangy street lamps similar to Night scene at 1 Altitude Bar OUB Centre, Singapore.
As you can see the hyper expressway with endless loop, tried following one route and likely that your eyes will start to play tricks on you. Given this shot a longer exposure so to capture the blurry moving vehicle effect.

Night view at 1 Altitude Bar OUB Centre, Singapore

1 Altitude Bar located in the heart of Singapore CBD area, OUB Plaza. This Rooftop bar is one of the tallest around the area. Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands is on 57th, Tower Club at Republic Plaza is on 64th and 1 Altitude Bar is on 66th. Lift ride up to 64th level is quite thrilling as one can  look out a strip of glass window inside lift and out  into the streets.
This photo is taken at an angle giving and impression that one is on top looking down into the streets. Since there are no support, camera is a bit shaky while this picture is taken. Shot is taken around 9.30pm on wednesday after dinner at Tower Club. The lighting at this building gives a yellowish tint with the street lamps lighted up the streets with orange tint.

OCBC Tower and Great Eastern Tower in the foreground. Low lying shop houses and residential apartments extends beyond the CBD districts. Still lots of lamps lighting up along the streets.

This is the perspective from OUB towards Marina Bay Sands. Please check  a photo taken from Marina Bay Sands at OUB Centre. Its not hard to tell which one is OUB centre isn’t it?

This is a view overlooking Tanjong Pagar. Can you spot the award winning public residential The P’nnacle @ Duxton?

Koreans in Siem Reap Cambodia

On the way to my hotel from Siem Reap Airport, I saw Korean restaurant along the road. At first i thought it was nothing peculiar since Angkor Wat is attracting alot of tourists so its natural for any businessman to set up restaurants promoting their country’s dishes, Korean is not different. As the driver travel further into the town center, I saw more and more Korean restaurants springing out along both sides of the street. There is even hospital, written in Korean, which i believe is supported by some Korea charity.

I was really curious about this  and hence did a little research on Korean businesses in these third world countries when i head back home. According to internet source, some restaurants are open by North Korean government to spread communist propaganda though food and culture. So a lot of questions come to my mind immediately, does the earnings from these restaurants goes back to the North Korean?

I have also spoken with Japaneses with regards to Korean influences in Japanese economy. It is believed that  Pachinko Parlor industry is controlled by Koreans, but to which sides of Koreans are still a mystery. (Maybe not a mystery if you click on the link and read). So now we know North Koreans are actually doing business all over the world at their own terms.