Night view at 1 Altitude Bar OUB Centre, Singapore

1 Altitude Bar located in the heart of Singapore CBD area, OUB Plaza. This Rooftop bar is one of the tallest around the area. Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands is on 57th, Tower Club at Republic Plaza is on 64th and 1 Altitude Bar is on 66th. Lift ride up to 64th level is quite thrilling as one can  look out a strip of glass window inside lift and out  into the streets.
This photo is taken at an angle giving and impression that one is on top looking down into the streets. Since there are no support, camera is a bit shaky while this picture is taken. Shot is taken around 9.30pm on wednesday after dinner at Tower Club. The lighting at this building gives a yellowish tint with the street lamps lighted up the streets with orange tint.

OCBC Tower and Great Eastern Tower in the foreground. Low lying shop houses and residential apartments extends beyond the CBD districts. Still lots of lamps lighting up along the streets.

This is the perspective from OUB towards Marina Bay Sands. Please check  a photo taken from Marina Bay Sands at OUB Centre. Its not hard to tell which one is OUB centre isn’t it?

This is a view overlooking Tanjong Pagar. Can you spot the award winning public residential The P’nnacle @ Duxton?


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